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Customer Claim

Intelligent data capture

The more comprehensive the data capture the easier the process becomes downstream. Our data capture forms simplify the input through use of look ups and validation of the information prior to submission.


Front end validation provides better, consistent data input, which ultimately speeds up the back end processes. The customer knows immediately any fields that will be rejected and can remedy this.

Response time

With our solution your customers will see their compensation dramatically quicker than at present, within minutes in some cases (dependent on method of payment)

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Agent Portal

Automatic Processing

See a significant reduction in Agent handled claims. Through high quality data capture, business rules and thresholds we can process claims without the need for manual intervention. You set the terms on when you wish you agents to be involved, we apply those rules.

Settlement Methods

Multiple methods of payment giving choice to the claimant and satisfying the requirement of the CRA. Integration with third party retailers and financial institutions to process direct transactions to bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal

Real-time Reporting

Dashboard reporting on claim data; claims submitted, processed and queried. Ability to drill deeper to underlying data.

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Fraud Screening

Automatic checks for duplicate and conflicting claims built into the system with additional rules to identify suspicious records and activity configurable as required.

Claim Validation

Integrated with Darwin to validate the claim meets the threshold criteria for payment.

Threshold Driven

Rules and check points are determined by the Customer, configurable and flexible to change should the business need it.

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Claim History

Continuous Communication

Keeping the claimant updated on the status of their claim is so important, failure to do involves calls to the Agent, email chases, all of which take time to respond to. We keep the claimant in the loop providing a contestant status of their claim through its life cycle.

Self Service Portal

Allows the claimant to provide additional or missing information directly into the claim record removing the need to interact with an Agent.

Customisable, scalable and available now, a personalised solution. Your business rules, controlled by you. Your MI requirements delivered, real time, to your reporting standards.
A fully automated solution, validation of delay repay submissions including multi-leg and multi-operator journeys; end to end processing – submission to fulfilment.
Compliance with the new ORR and Consumer Rights Act requirements, multiple repayment methods, fully integrated and secure.
Fraud checking & Validation
Advanced fraud checks; duplicates, conflicting submissions, suspicious activity, additional business logic and rules as determined by each Train Operating Company.
Reduce costs; Improve Service
Reduction in processing time and costs, increase in customer satisfaction, improved service and resource optimisation.
Integrated and out of the box
Rapid delivery and implementation; start realising the benefits now; integrated with strategic partners to facilitate and validate processes.