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Revolutionising rail one-click at a time

Why ‘One-click Claiming’ compensation is winning awards for Tracsis Travel Compensation Services

While rail transport groups and governing bodies ponder faster and more cost-effective automated Delay Repay, Tracsis Travel Compensation Services (TTCS) has built its own slick solution.

The 2019 Rail Industry Innovation award for Passenger Experience was handed to TTCS this summer. The Delay Repay experts had already developed a revolutionary automated claims system, used by multiple leading train operators. And One-Click Claim compensation wasn’t far behind…

Meeting rail franchise conditions

Sarah Dalby, managing director, TTCS says: “We already had a fully customisable solution which streamlined the Delay Repay process - to within minutes in some cases, depending on the payment method. It also enabled TOCs to redeploy claim handling agents to valuable activities - anything from protecting revenue and combating potential fraud, to supporting customers with complex enquiries and complaints.

“We wanted to address transport minister Chris Grayling’s calls for change. He argued that train operators should introduce a ‘One-Click’ digital claims system as a condition of winning or keeping their franchises.”

Collaboration and investment

TTCS’s chief information officer, Lee Fortnam says: “We already had developers looking at how we could enhance our Delay Repay service for the train operating companies (TOCs) and their passengers. So, One-Click Claiming became the natural goal for the team.

“You might expect the needs and systems of individual TOCs to be similar, but there are complex and subtle differences. So, we worked with various operators to make sure any refined claims process we created could improve speed and flexibility, no matter how they work.”

Results for train operators, passengers and governing bodies

Lee continues: “The result of our latest collaboration and investment is even faster, slicker and more cost-effective Delay Repay claims management. It removes further barriers to claiming compensation and delivers the ultimate ‘One-Click’ compensation claims solution. This naturally has a positive knock-on effect and improves customer experience for train operators and their passengers.”

Sarah concludes: “Our technology is already used by UK TOCs. It provides a proven solution for TOCs to meet the needs of passengers, the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) and the Department for Transport (DfT). At the same time, it improves operators’ fraud detection capabilities and reduces the costs of processing claims.”

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