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How to: Minimise your train operator’s risk of EXPOSURE to cross-TOC fraud

According to an article on, the rail industry has ‘pegged’ fraudulent Delay Repay claims as being ‘responsible for between 10-30 percent of claims’.

Tracsis Travel Compensation Services (TTCS), is an expert provider of automated Delay Repay technology to the UK train operators. And TTCS Managing Director, Sarah Dalby, says: “Raising awareness among passengers of Delay Repay compensation is important to train operators. They are required by existing and incoming franchise agreements to help increase its visibility, along with the speed of claim processing. And with that, comes an increased likelihood of fraudulent claims.”

So, how can train operators tackle the problem as awareness of Delay Repay grows?

“TTCS customers have access to fraud prevention through our platform. The system carries out advanced fraud checks; identifies duplicates, conflicting submissions, suspicious activity, additional business logic and rules as determined by individual operators.” Says TTCS’s Chief Information Officer, Lee Fortnam.

“But we realised that train operators which don’t use our system for passenger Delay Repay wouldn’t have access to the same benefits. Additionally, there was no way of identifying individuals who were potentially targeting several operators with the same intention.”

So TTCS got to work to build a solution. The result? EXPOSURE is the new and essential industry tool for detecting, investigating and preventing cross-TOC fraud in relation to Delay Repay claims. Where data sharing agreements exist, it compares multiple components of Delay Repay claims from different Train Operating Companies (TOCs) and sends real-time and retrospective alerts concerning potentially fraudulent activity for further investigation.

EXPOSURE compares and analyses encrypted Delay Repay claim data against a TOC’s desired risk weighting and specified thresholds (e.g. time of travel tolerances) and returns matches. It also creates retrospective alerts, if subsequent claims match newly created claims from other TOCs.

Why is EXPOSURE the system of choice for identifying potential risk of cross-TOC fraud on Delay Repay claims? Here’s an overview, and if you want to find out how your TOC can minimise cross-TOC with speedy and simple set-up of EXPOSURE, get in touch:

  • Fast: It matches response results that are provided in real-time for new Delay Repay data as it is entered via any of EXPOSURE’s entry points.
  • Flexible: It accepts data from TOCs which don’t use TTCS Agent Portal.
  • Responsive: Retrospective alerts are generated for new matches against new data input / uploaded from other TOCs.
  • Configurable: It can be tailored to individual TOC’s required alerting thresholds.
  • Intelligent: It alerts the TOC with its equivalent point of contact and claim reference at the other TOC involved in a query.
  • Effortless: It is effortless for TTCS existing clients – or via a simple industry standard integration for non-TTCS clients – taking and analysing data as it is entered by customers and agents.
  • Automated: TTCS Agent Portal users can see potential fraud alerts flagged against individual claim records and, subject to TOC requirements and specified thresholds.