Travel Compensation Services

Are you making the most out of Delay Repay technology?

As rail punctuality hits a 13-year low and with the Government on a campaign to raise the awareness of Delay Repay, do you have the right technology to cope with what could be an increased number of compensation claims in the future?

The benefits to Train Operating Companies (TOCs) on using a Delay Repay Automation Platform with in-built configurable fraud detection capabilities are endless...

  • Improving efficiency increases customer service

    An automated platform can reduce the processing time and costs which results in increased customer satisfaction levels with an improved service and resource optimisation.

  • Fraud checking and validation

    The system carries out advanced fraud checks; identifies duplicates, conflicting submissions, suspicious activity, additional business logic and rules as determined by individual businesses.

  • Compliance

    The ORR Compensation Update Report in 2016 highlighted the compensation methods in which TOCs have chosen to adopt. A reputable platform will be compliant with these requirements providing the opportunity for multiple repayment methods that will be fully integrated and secure.

  • Protect revenue and reduce costs

    The extensive fraud checks carried out by the automated platform will ultimately protect your revenue and reduce your costs by diminishing the number of ineligible claims you may currently be paying out.

  • Improve operational performance

    A fully automated solution can validate delay repay submissions including multi-leg and multi-operator journeys; end to end processing – submission to fulfilment. Having a configurable platform in place will reduce the level of man hours required to process these individual claims whilst providing access to real time management information to support your reporting requirements.

  • Providing a bespoke service

    We recently announced our successful five-year contract win to supply the delay repay platform to Transport for Wales Rail Services where we've developed the customer portal platform which has been fully translated into Welsh. Individual requirements are met through our entirely configurable applications ensuring we provide added value.

The above are just some of the benefits achieved through the deployment of the Tracsis Travel Compensation Services' fully configurable delay repay platform. Benefits that you can start realising within a matter of weeks due to the rapid delivery and implementation process.